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Memòries del front

Corbera. Memòries del front

A video that recalls the testimony of two persons that suffered the disasters of the Spanish Civil War.

Memòria en pedra

Memòria en pedra

Adaptation of a text by Josep M. Espinàs.

Mai més

Corbera d'Ebre - Mai més!

The Poble Vell Corbera d'Ebre, bombed by the francoist.

4 Històries, 2 Pobles

4 Històries, 2 Pobles

4 people explain their views and personal experiences of the civil war.


Xeic! - "Biberons de combat" (Acoustic)

Video of the performance of the group Xeic! (Rasquera) to Poble Vell of Corbera d'Ebre.

Remors de la memòria

Banda de música de Benissanet - "Remors de la memòria" (Audio)

Production Consorci memorial dels espais de la Batalla de l'Ebre. Here is a portion of the piece No.8 "Escolta la teua gent".


Tremolors - "La destrucció de Corbera"

Severely punished by the bombings, Corbera d'Ebre is today a kind of Guernica, a monument to peace.

Fet aquí

Fet aquí - "El poble vell de Corbera"

In this video we analyze how the Battle of the Ebro marked a before and an after in our society.


Lewis Hamilton at the PobleVell

The church of the Poble Vell in Corbera d'Ebre became the setting for Puma’s new announcement, with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton as the protagonist.

Maryna Naydon

Maria Canals International Music Competition

The RAC1 piano is installed in Corbera d'Ebre to claim peace in Ukraine.
Maryna Naydon, Ukrainian pianist sheltered in Barcelona, has played at the Poble Vell in Corbera: "The emotions I feel here resemble those of the first days of war" .

Joan Masdeu

A song that wants to put peace

The musician from Reus Joan Masdeu, accompanied to the piano by Jacobo García, sang " No en tens prou " at the piano RAC1 by Maria Canals in the middle of the church of the Poble Vell de Corbera d'Ebre.

Poble Vell - Corbera d'Ebre Visual LightBox Gallery generated by VisualLightBox.com