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A written, graphic and audiovisual documentation fund has been created from the compilation of books, newspapers, magazines and films that talk of Corbera D'Ebre. The Associació del Poble Vell's intention are to find and collect as much information as possible and make its history well known.

Some of these books are for sale and/or consultation. If anyone is of interest, you can ask the Association of Poble Vell.


Corbera d'Ebre. 200 Anys d'història

An essential book in Catalan, for anyone who wishes to know about the last 200 years of Corbera d'Ebre's history.

Authors: Pere Clua Micola, Josep Sánchez Cervelló and Cinta Margalef Faneca

Edited by: Town council of Corbera



Corbera d'Ebre. Memòries del front

A video that recalls the testimony of two persons that suffered the disasters of the Spanish Civil War.

The account is centred in the happenings of the Battle of the Ebro.

Edited by: Enric Asensio

You can watch the video in: Memòries del front


Imatges que fan història

Photographic collection of Corbera d'Ebre in the beginning of the 20th Century.

Edited by: Town council of Corbera








La cuina Tradicional de Corbera d'Ebre

Recipes of traditional cooking of Corbera d'Ebre.

Edited by: Town council of Corbera


Abecedari de la Llibertat - Missatge Escrit

Photographic collection of the sculptures and literary work of the letters of the alphabet exhibited in the Poble Vell of Corbera d'Ebre.

Edited by:: Town council of Corbera



España otra vez

A film directed by Jaime Camino in 1969.

An old American former brigadista arrives to Barcelona to participate in a medicine congress. Once in the city, he tries to find a nurse who he met in the civil war. One part of the filming was done in the old village of Corbera d'Ebre and this gives it an exceptional value because it shows how this village was in the last century's late 60's.


Memòria en pedra

Adaptation of a text by Josep M. Espinàs.

Music: El cant del ocells (Birdsong), Pau Casals arrangement for cello and piano.

Realization:: Joan Antonio Montaña and Enric Asensio

You can watch the video in: Memòria en pedra


Paraules sota les runes

"On ara veig riuades indefinides de pedra i restes de les destrosses causades, abans es trobaven els carrers de la vila. On ara veig un arc calcinat que mínimament se sosté, abans era la portalada d'una casa. On ara ......"

Work made by:: Anna Pons Álvarez


The tall soldier

"I canadian". It was the only track that left before disappearing. 40 years looking for the man who saved my life. True story of a boy that his parents sent to Corbera de Ebro to the danger involving the Francoist bombings in the city of Tarragona. Their parents do not know that Corbera would become one of the objectives of the national troops and the scene of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War.

Author: Manuel Álvarez

More information about the book and its history here



Gunfight at Dry River

Film by director Daniel Simpson.

Western movie of the year 2021 shot mainly in the PobleVell of Corbera d'Ebre. You can see how PobleVell is today.


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