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If any town symbolizes the pain caused by the battle of the Ebro, this town is Corbera d'Ebre. Located on a hill, in the centre of the war front, today the streets and ruined houses of Poble Vell are a silent witness to the violence and brutal consequences of the war.

The complex was declared a Historical Site protected by the Government of Catalonia in 1992. It has become a monument to Peace and a must-see for anyone who wants to know about the disasters of war.

I feel the rumor of the people,
the laughter of the children playing in the streets,
the neighbor who says good morning,
the peasant returns from the work of the field.

And all this, is only in my imagination.
They have not been there for a long time.
Stones and debris remain
and these voices are only ......... the wind.

Historical precedents

Poble Vell

Where the silence is heard

Medieval Age

Corbera d'Ebre appears for the first time in a written document in 1153, mentioned in the letter of donation of the Miravet Castle, which was given to the Knights Templar by Ramon Berenguer IV. There is no definite date for the population charter of Corbera, but this was probably towards the end of the twelfth century. It is from this period that the only remains of the castle. The stones of a magnificent gallery whose capitals are decorated with the Templar's Cross are dated. In 1317 the jurisdiction of Corbera and the rest of bailiwick of Miravet were taken over by the Hospitallers and from then onwards it became of the castellany of Amposta.

Fort - La casilla

Building built of masonry, rectangular plan with trimmed angles. It retains several rows of loopholes of different types, which are distributed symmetrically on all faces. Three low-rise levels are sensed. The walls are 60cm thick. The interior of the construction measures 4.5 x 5.4m. It looks like there was a first line of ground-level defense about a hundred meters in diameter around the tower. By typology it may correspond to a work of the 19th century, made during some time of the Carlist wars.

Cotas - Hills

These hills are not just geographical slopes, they are part of history. Each hill, each elevation, is a fortress built by Republican troops to prevent the advance of Franco’s troops. Places that, with the passage of days, become immense mass graves. And nearby, survivors take refuge in miles of trenches and small rock-cut shelters that can still be seen and touched.

Betlem Cave

Place of refuge for many villagers of Corbera de Ebro and at the same time command post during the Battle of the Ebro.

Supporting institutions and entities


Corbera d'Ebre Town Hall


Provincial Government of Tarragona

Agricultural Cooperative of Corbera




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C/Major 1 (little wood house).
43784 - Corbera d'Ebre ( Tarragona - Terra Alta )

Tel. 608 86 36 16

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