Corbera d'Ebre. Memòries del front

A video that recalls the testimony of two persons that suffered the disasters of the Spanish Civil War. The account is centred in the happenings of the Battle of the Ebro.

Memòria en pedra.

Adaptation of a text by Josep M. Espinàs

Corbera d'Ebre - Mai més!

The Poble Vell Corbera d'Ebre, bombed by the francoist.

4 Històries, 2 Pobles.

4 people explain their views and personal experiences of the civil war.

Xeic! - "Biberons de combat" (Acoustic).

Video of the performance of the group Xeic! (Rasquera) to Poble Vell of Corbera d'Ebre during the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Ebro (Air Video)

Music band Benissanet - "Remors de la memòria" (Audio).

Production Consorci memorial dels espais de la Batalla de l'Ebre and recorded in the church of Sant Pere - Poble Vell of Corbera d'Ebre. It consists of nine songs. Here is a portion of the piece No.8 "Escolta la teua gent".