MASTER PLAN - Poble Vell

This document aims to establish a framework of actions for the preservation of Poble Vell and its value by explaining its history during the twentieth century - before, during and after the Civil War - with the population as protagonist.
This project has been commissioned by the Common Council of Corbera de Ebro.

Can be viewed in PDF here ( In catalan ).

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Cal Cec

They are doing various activities to consolidate Cal Cec house and in the near future can be visited.

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Cal Metget

Rehabilitation of the roof and other space inside the House.

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New pavement in the church

A new paving has been placed. The works have allowed to tile the whole church. This performance has been realized thanks to the help of the Provincial Government of Tarragona, to the village of Corbera d'Ebre and the Association of the Poble Vell.

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Sant Pere church

Diverse actions of consolidation have made possible that could visit San's Pere Church, now turned into cultural space. You can also go up to the Bell Tower and enjoy an incomparable viewing-point.

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Bell Tower Restoration

At the end of 2007 ended in the tasks of the second phase of restoration of the Bell Tower of San's Pere church.

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Excavations at Poble Vell

In the last years, several work camps have worked for the recovery of some places of the Poble Vell. From the material located remains and the buried structures that still were staying one could have reconstructed different spaces.

Cleaning St. Pere

One of the Sant Pere’s inside walls has been cleaned and this space is used to host exhibitions, concerts or any cultural function that needs such an emblematic space.

Consolidation works

During the last months of the year 2007 there have been consolidation works, the stone path of Pinyeres street, and some surrounding areas to the St. Pere church.

The architects have done various rehabilitation projects of the church of San Pedro are:

- Ferran Vizoso (Ferran website)       - Núria Bordas       - Jordi Garriga       - David García ( 1ª fase )

It gave the old church and secure a new multi-functional public space. This consolidation of the enclosure gives the church back to the village people.

Photos - covered church restoration.