" The Boot "

On the 50 anniversary of the Battle of the Ebro in the year 1988, the sculpture of Joan Brossa named «La Bota» (the Boot) was unveiled at the square of St. Pere’s church. It is a visual - corporeal poem where a tribute is made to the combatants who defended the freedoms of Catalonia against fascism. This great boot represents the oppression, violence and genocide carried out by the army of the nationals. The motto is "Against oblivion, we are!". A counter-replica to all the monuments commemorating Franco's victory.

".... Hem de recordar uns fets perquè ningú no torni a calçar aquesta bota. Ja s'hi ha caminat massa ! Les ruïnes quotidianes de Corbera d'Ebre, que l'acompanyen, no haurien de lligar amb l'horitzó de cap mapa democràtic. ...."